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scratch demo recording don't judge me


i don’t wanna be pretty you can’t make me be
i’m a wild bog monster my own blood in my teeth
beautiful beyond beautify ya i am the grotesque
do not call me a woman i’m the bog princess
bog princess don’t die ever i don’t die ever

i’m not fabulous, bitch, i’m not fierce i’m not brave
not a goddamn queen, not a happy fucking gay
i am snips i am snails, severed puppy dog tails
and i remember every cut and y’all can suck my cunt
suck my i don’t die ever i don’t die ever

so what i fight without honor i got nobody’s back
i’m that cold rain falling on your rainbow flag
cast no pearls before me i will never call you back
let’s be clear about this baby you’re a chaser i’m a trap

ya i’m a tranny and a faggot and a pervert and a creep
my gender is the maggot eats your children in their sleep
i’m a coward and a bully and a pathologic liar
i’m a flaming bag of shit ya i’m a fucking trash fire
fucking trash fire don’t die ever i don’t die ever

i will stab you in the back if you try to be my friend
and i’ll beg for your forgiveness and i’ll do it all again
i’m a narc and a scab a vindictive little bitch
but i live without remorse you made me
like this i don’t die ever i don't die ever

ya i’m that yellowstone grizzly with a taste for human flesh
you should kill me baby if i give you the chance
cave my head in with a shovel dump my body in a lake
but i come back every bashing i’m an undead babe

my soul is a monster that no hormone shots cure
that no scalpel can reverse but i am pure i am pure
beautiful beyond beauty yes i am the grotesque
do not call me a woman i’m the bog princess

my hair has turned to splinters my blood has turned to brine
but like a stench in the swamp i will rise
queers never die
queers never die
queers never die
queers never die



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bog princess Portland, Oregon

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